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See Stories is an Alaskan 501(c) nonprofit, and our mission is to build inclusive communities with film and story. See Stories works to ensure that diverse Alaskans and youth are given the media skills to craft stories better representing the Alaska they know. We lead documentary film and podcast workshops for teens, empower teachers to lead multimedia projects in their classrooms, and share student-produced media with the public to foster a more inclusive Alaskan story and community.

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Educator Workshop
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Youth Workshop
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Kyla V

"In the workshop, I shared my story of immigrating to the US from the Philippines and the discrimination my family and peers felt as Asian-Americans. I gained the courage to use my own experiences to draw parallels between what we were learning about history and what immigrants experience today.

Kyla V.

Former Student

Rafael Bitanga

"See Stories does not bring in students, they create a family. The students and the instructors they have nurtured us. See Stories nurtured the network that leveraged itself to help each other out. We're not using them to connect but as a tool to be able to expand ourselves and grow beyond the individual.

Raphael B.

Former Student & Current Instructor

Marina Cummiskey

"The workshop only opened up more opportunities for me, and I’m considering studying a form of film or journalism in college.

Marina Cummiskey

Former Student


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