Efrain: Give Me a Passion

This project funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and created on Dena’ina Land consisted of two podcasting workshops. Held at Bettye Davis East High School and West High School in the Spring of 2023. Students learned the basic flow of podcast production from idea development, story structure, and sound design to field recording, interviewing, scripting, mixing, editing, and producing podcasts on topics of their choosing.

Efrain, a junior at West High School, offers up “Give Me a Passion;  asking friends to share their passion. Efrain researched these passions for a week, then had more informed conversations about that passion.  This podcast takes a dive into a friend’s passion for K-Pop music.


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Land Acknowledgement

This podcast was recorded on Dena'ina Land. Learn more about land acknowledgements at native-land.ca.