Dafina Konjuhi: West Anchorage High School Student Shows Grit through See Stories Internship

My name is Dafina Konjuhi, and I will soon be a West Anchorage High School graduate! I am very excited about this since I have been so busy and haven’t even realized how much time has passed. I can definitely say that I’ve made it from traveling a lot and to three years of living in Kosovo, the homeland of my parents. It’s a place that I love! Although it was a culture shock, I slowly adjusted to it. Along with meeting new friends, I was able to reconnect with family members I hadn’t seen in many years. Even going to school there was an opportunity I had, and it wasn’t at all simple! 

 I arrived in Anchorage during an awkward time. I moved just before second semester while I was a senior in my first semester. I arrived here lacking the credits I needed to graduate, and I tried my hardest to catch up. My teacher, Mrs. Grib, was really helpful; she told me that she would be teaching a podcast class after school, and that if I signed up and passed, I would receive one of the credits I needed to graduate. I joined even though I knew barely anything about podcasts because I was desperate! Keeping it short and sweet I created a podcast, passed, and got the credit I needed.

I had to earn two more credits before the year ended in order to graduate, but I was sadly unable to do so because I had no time to take classes. I could’ve done it over the summer or by attending the next year in school. Being offered another opportunity and my need to take a break from the stressful semester that I had just finished, I chose to return for the following school year. I was bummed, but I wasn’t discouraged. When I returned, Mrs. Grib told me that she would be teaching the podcast workshop once again and asked me to be her intern. I was honored and grateful that she thought of me when considering potential interns. Obviously, I agreed.

    I gave Mrs. Grib and students my all during this podcasting workshop! worked hard and stayed ready to help. I took attendance, handed out snacks, and made sure everyone was welcomed and prepared to work. In addition, I welcomed guests who were being interviewed by our students and set up the equipment they needed. I had no idea how any of the equipment operated. I became committed after playing around and attempting to figure everything out! I shared what I had learned with the students and encouraged them to experiment in the hopes that they might pick up any new tips.

    I got to record students interviewing the guests for any potential audio they might have wanted to use if it caught their interest for a podcast. I have to give it to Mrs.Grib! Thanks to her, we had some great interviewees. Hearing what they had to say was fascinating. When they discussed their journey into the world, they even went as far as to offer advice on how to get by. I have to admit that some of the guest speakers gave me guidance on which road to take and others to think about. In addition to helping me, I am sure other students also benefited from them.

    Never in a million years did I think that I would make a podcast and also become a podcast intern for my school. I came this far out of a desperate need to get the credits I needed to graduate. I’ve had the chance to intern because once upon a time I worked hard as a student in the same podcast class. I am curious to find out what more opportunities will come my way as an outcome of my internship from this podcast class at West High School. I’m looking forward to putting to use what I’ve learnt in college as well! 

You can listen to Dafina’s podcast here on the See Stories Podcast site or on the See Stories Podbean.

Dafina is a former intern and student for the podcasting at West Anchorage High School after school workshop, led by Mrs. Mona Grib. You can find out more about this workshop here and catch up on all our interns takeover posts on our Instagram page and on Facebook. Thanks to the National Endowment for the arts for funding the Cultures, Careers, and Communities Podcasting Workshop at East and West Anchorage High School. Thank you to Dafina for all of your work! Stay tuned for more stories from our interns from this workshop, featured here on our website this week! 


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