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See Stories Quarter 3 Newsletter is available now! See what See Stories has been up to, news you may have missed, and features on our previous and upcoming projects! Keep up to date with what’s happening with See Stories, find ways to support us, and receive personal updates right to your inbox. 
Starting this year in 2023, we are moving from four to *two* newsletters a year. We have loved sharing our programs, highlights, celebrations, and growth with you all and we are so grateful for your support! In order to focus our attention to our (growing) programs, we will be moving to a bi-annual newsletter surrounding our school year programs. Since we partner with schools and educators, it makes sense to follow the rhythms of our school programs. But you can keep up with our current work by following our socials and films on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on our website! If you haven’t already, take a look at our updated website and see what we have to offer! We will be updating our new and improved site with curriculum resources and keeping our podcasts and student produced films up to date for your viewing pleasure. (You can also read our newsletter on our site here.)
For those of you subscribed and already following along, thank you! Haven’t been able to subscribe to our newsletter? Enter your e-mail below to sign up! 

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