Meet See Stories’ New Communications Coordinator

Hi there! 👋🏽 My name is Alicia Sharp, (pronounced Uh-Lee-see-yuh) but most people know me as Miss Alicia. If you’ve noticed different content on See Stories social pages that has been my hand at work as the new Communications Coordinator for See Stories! I am a proud community member of Kodiak Island, humbly residing on Sugpiaq land. This land and history is very important to me as I have spent the first part of my career as an Early Childhood Educator and the last six years as a Nature-based educator leading a local outdoor kindergarten here in Kodiak. I am now a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling my children, and navigating new waters as a work-from-home parent. This comes with a lot of challenges, but working with See Stories has been a welcomed shift!

I was drawn to work with See Stories because of the authenticity and inspiration behind each of the stories that have been created by Alaskan youth. Alaska is rich in culture and diversity; our stories deserve to be told and heard in a way that respects each perspective from a wider lens. I have felt inspired by the stories told by youth here in Kodiak and across Alaska, ranging from Alaska Native stories, the stories of first and second generation immigrants, and those of all the community members who want to preserve their history and the stories that can connect us.

I have worked with families, youth, and people in many places in and outside Alaska through teaching, education, and mission work, and I have experienced first-hand the importance of listening to other people’s stories. The documentaries, shorts, and stories created through See Stories have been an inspiration to follow. I know these are stories that must be told!

As a second-generation Alaskan, I appreciate the inclusiveness of See Stories and how different cultures and People of Color have an avenue to not only tell their stories, but have the format to be heard. It is by listening to each other, we are able to look beyond ourselves and truly see the different people, cultures, and history that make up our great state.

As the Communications Coordinator, I am so excited to be a part of sharing these influential stories. I see this role as more of a Connections Cultivator, as I play a role in connecting these stories and the stories yet to be told to each of you, and cultivating the connections that have already been made. This is an exciting opportunity because my soul longs to create! I am a creative artist at heart and enjoy painting, playing music, photography, writing, and poetry. My biggest inspirations are drawn from nature, so you may see some more content using the natural landscape of Alaska. I am used to being behind the lens, so working behind the scenes here at See Stories will feel like home.

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