Exploring Identity & Culture through Media Arts

See Stories is excited to facilitate Exploring Culture & Identity through Media Arts, a two week long all-day arts intensive for students at Yaaḵoosgé Daakahídi High School.

During this culture-themed filmmaking workshop, participating students will choose topics based on aspects of their cultural stories, interview culture bearers and community members about their topic, and then edit short documentary films. Teaching artist Seth Bader will guide students, providing them with the skills and confidence they need to develop their stories and successfully produce a short film. 

More About This Workshop:

See Stories will utilize culturally responsive, brain-based, and trauma-informed approaches to digital storytelling education. Students will have the freedom to focus on a narrative of their choice and be provided daily direct instruction that will guide them through the process of documentary filmmaking. Each student will receive a 64 gb high speed flash drive with their footage / audio recordings that they will then get to keep. We will also feature their films on our website at seestoriesalaska.org/videos.

This workshop is only open to students who attend Yaaḵoosgé Daakahídi High School.

Workshop Details

  • March 3, 2023 - March 17, 2023


Seth Bader

Seth lives in Juneau on Lingít Aaní, Tlingit Land, and has taught science in classrooms between Washington and Alaska for the past 10 years. He has a M.A in Secondary Education from UAS and a B.S. in Environmental Science from Western Washington University. Since moving to Southeast Alaska in 2018, Seth has taught Alaska Native youth in a variety of settings,  including teaching at Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka. Seth has witnessed as a teacher the significance that empowering youth with a platform to share stories meaningful to them can have. When not teaching, Seth spends most of his time exploring the waters and mountains of Southeast Alaska with his wife and their dog. 

Land Acknowledgement

This workshop is being offered on Tlingit Land. Learn more about land acknowledgements at native-land.ca.