Treadwell Mine

This film delves into the historical significance of the Treadwell Mine, a pioneering mining venture in the Juneau region, Alaska. It stands as a testament to the birth of industrialized gold mining in the state and the birthplace of the town of Douglas. Situated below sea level, Treadwell Mine was a hotbed of mining innovations that helped shape the industry’s future. Ultimately, the relentless encroachment of seawater led to the collapse of its tunnels. Today, efforts are underway to revitalize and enhance the area, including the installation of original signage to commemorate its rich history.

Exploring Community and Place through Media Arts took place in the Spring of 2023 at Montessori Borealis Middle School in Juneau on the ancestral homeland of the Áak’w Kwáan and T’aaku Kwáan. Approximately thirty 7th to 8th grade students created films. Students reflected on the prompt of “What makes the Juneau community unique?” and explored topics ranging from important historical events of years’ past to community events taking place today. During this workshop students had the unique opportunity to work with archivists at the Alaska State Museum to find primary sources to better tell the stories they were investigating.

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